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Elixirgen, LLC forms subsidiary company Elixirgen Therapeutics, LLC

BALTIMORE, January 5, 2017 – Elixirgen, LLC announced that it has formed its therapeutics-focused subsidiary company, Elixirgen Therapeutics, LLC, on January 5, 2017. Elixirgen Therapeutics is a company that is dedicated to finding cures and therapies for genetic diseases, and then developing them into drugs to treat patients. The company’s experienced team of researchers has a wide variety of specialties, enabling it to use both basic research and translational research approaches to meet its goals. Elixirgen Therapeutics’ drug development pipeline will be available soon on this website. Elixirgen Therapeutics, LLC, is located in the Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore next to their parent company. The Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins is an ideal research environment that allows Elixirgen Therapeutics’ scientists to conduct research at state-of-the-art facilities.